Letterkenny - 2018 http://www.angrianan.com/event/swan-lake-loch-na-heala/?event_date=2018-01-31

From the imagination of one of Ireland’s foremost dance and theatre makers comes a magical adaptation of one of the most famous of all story ballets; Swan Lake.


An extraordinary adaptation of the beloved classic. Soaring dance, boundary-busting theatre and song combine with live Irish folk music with a Nordic noir twist.


tough yet beguilingly poetic. http://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/review-swan-lakeloch-na-heala-teaċ-daṁsa

★★★★½ A Swan Lake set in Ireland that is tough yet beguilingly poetic.

A Paean to the Power of Love http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/stage/swan-lake-loch-na-heala-soaring-retelling-of-a-traditional-paean-to-the-power-of-love/news-story/3aac928f24f3571ee0df596bce214a74

Michael Keegan-Dolan’s Swan Lake is unsparingly black in so many ways, starting with its indelible image of a near-naked, bleating man tethered to a block of concrete. The people in this midlands Irish community are damaged, the humour plentiful but grim, and the prospects grimmer.


This version of Swan Lake is a tragic Irish tale of a sad young man dragged down by melancholy. His father has died and his mother, from her wheelchair, is trying desperately to get him married.