tough yet beguilingly poetic.ċ-daṁsa

★★★★½ A Swan Lake set in Ireland that is tough yet beguilingly poetic.

A Paean to the Power of Love

Michael Keegan-Dolan’s Swan Lake is unsparingly black in so many ways, starting with its indelible image of a near-naked, bleating man tethered to a block of concrete. The people in this midlands Irish community are damaged, the humour plentiful but grim, and the prospects grimmer.

This version of Swan Lake is a tragic Irish tale of a sad young man dragged down by melancholy. His father has died and his mother, from her wheelchair, is trying desperately to get him married.

Sydney Bus Stop

“To be really upfront with you, I’m not a fan of classical ballet,” he says. “I don’t believe them, I don’t think it’s truth.”